Podcast Development, Production, Editing

Spending the last 20 years in and out of studios has allowed me to cultivate a skill set that I thought had died in the early 00’s with the recording industry. In recent years I’ve seen a huge uptick in corporate and independent podcasters and the need for facilitating their development. From consulting, conception, and...

An Apple Watch Case Study

The Apple Watch was announced on September 9, 2014 by Apple, Inc. It is a wearable device similar to wrist watch with biometric sensors for heart rate and blood oxygen level* along with accelerometers to track movement, microphones for dictation and texting, along with a “taptic engine” to simulate touch for notifications instead of a...

Marketing Report Samples

During my college career we had several assignments in which we were to do market research and make recommendations. Here are a few of those samples. While I think my skills have evolved beyond these class assignments I think they still have merit. UTD Marketing Strategies for CometFest Microsoft Market Audit and Strategies

Cheapcaribbean.com UX Research

As a UX Contractor for some organizations I get to go between every aspect of the UX UI team. At Cheapcaribbean.com I was given the task of opinion mining through customer comments and then making recommendations on what to do about those concerns. This led through wire framing and A/B tests arranged through 3rd party...

Social Mood Ring

This project was intended to bring awareness of how we’re using technology. I was awarded a grant for the research along with a prize at the end of the year for Outstanding Capstone. Roughly translated it was awesome and a wicked cool device. The TLDR; I made a pendant with an LED that changes color...

Mock ad campaign

Asked to make a mock ad campaign for a fictional company. Included were mockups on billboards, posters, a web presence and logo. I seem to have misplaced the PSD for the magazine layout I had to do. That’s kind of a bummer, it was pretty cool.

Use what you have available.

In this project I was given 30 minutes to use what I had on me to make a video. I chose stop motion, I had some snacks, I like old video games. The outcome was really inevitable. All sounds Creative Commons Free use license.  

The Sentimental Piano

This project was a statement on how we use digital space and what it means in the real world. Does what we say online contribute anything to the world?