Paid in full.

Yesterday was a long drive day. We arrived at our campsite at around 6 and the host met us at the site and asked if we’d be paying cash or check.

1. We don’t even have checks.
2. We had $2 cash. We usually have more we just forgot to get some.
3. The closest ATM or gas station was 31 miles away.

I agreed to set up, go to town, and bring the cash back. He was a nice man and was totally okay with it. We went for a walk to watch the sunset as we were all exhausted and just needed to chill for a few.

When we came back we had this note on our door. One of our neighbor campers paid the fee.

Look, it was $26. Not a major amount of money but it was so needed for our family after a long driving day. It warmed our hearts. We’re so grateful to be on our journey. When we started we just wanted to see the country. We’ve been amazed at the small acts of service from strangers that happens more often than I could’ve expected.

Try it. Small meaningful acts of service have a lasting effect. My wife probably wouldn’t admit it but it had been a stressful few days between us. We’re in a new environment trying to figure out meals, work, setup and take down; new roles. New roles.

We both know in a home I went to work and came home. She took care of most of the finances, schooling the children, organizing the home in general. I helped out when I was home and my days off. I knew where I was supposed to be and what my job was. Now suddenly we’re in this new thing. I’m in the way. She’s in my way. That’s not how you do that. That’s not how you do this thing. Why don’t you do it this way? Leave me alone. It’s like we’re newly weds again. The simple kindness from strangers melted our stubborn hearts and changed our attitude towards each other. I can only describe it as a feeling of gratitude. A thankful heart is rarely hard. So be thankful. Be kind. Be a little taller.

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