I’m not a blogger. (Everything is the same.)

Let’s just set it straight. I’m not a blogger. I’m not good at logging on, crafting an idea, editing the post, putting the perfect photos out for all to see. I’m not even that good with grammar. My wife thinks I’m “too deep” with our shared Instagram posts so I try to keep it light. I loathe Facebook and it’s entire homogeneous culture.

This seems like a good place to change direction. The idea came to me through conversations with my wife and many late nights in my university program studying the impacts of social media on society and economies. (Yes there’s a whole degree plan where you can study the internet. I did. And I am crazy now.)

Let’s start with the what. I’ve been trying to launch a podcast for years. I have an audio production background and spent a lot of time in the studio as a musician. The skills are all here, the ideas as well. I’ve written show treatments and listed ideas for new directions for the pretend show I’ve never put together. I was stuck. I am stuck. My wife, while I was busy complaining once again about how I wanted to be doing something different came out and said,

“Everything online is making you scared and you’re starting to just copy everyone.”

I have studied this over and over again. Some call it mob mentality. Some call it herd. Whatever it is called in your circle you’ve fallen prey to it at some point. I had slowly given up the idea that I had something to offer because I couldn’t see myself doing it better than anyone I was listening to. 

So I’m unplugged. At least for the short term. While I put together whatever is next for me, I’m not listening to the internet. No podcasts, Facebook is only reposts of my Instagram which is posted directly from my photo library so I don’t see the replies, and Twitter is deleted off my phone. Oh, and I’m sorry to all the gimlet media podcasts because I have to stop listening to you too. Cause you’re awesome and I want to do all the things you do.

In order to do the thing that I love. The thing I believe to be what my calling is in life right now, I have to stop listening and start doing. I’m not preaching that everyone could benefit from deleting Pinterest and using their own brain for their kids 3rd birthday party. I think we all need inspiration from wherever it comes. I find mine on the road. Driving from city to city, meeting amazing, generous, kind, racist, bigoteous, hateful, loving people. All of it.

Also none of it.

It comes while I’m watching the water on the Pueblo Lake in Colorado. It comes when I’m sitting in the car watching my boys pretend to be in a spaceship shooting down aliens as we drive for the 3rd time that week to a new camp ground because EVERYTHING IS BOOKED ALL THE TIME IN COLORADO DURING THE SUMMER. It just happens. Naturally. Without influence. And you know what else? I don’t know if it’s better than anyone else because I stopped comparing myself when I shut it down.

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