Our big adventure so far.

Right now I’m sitting in a kitchen at my mother-in-law’s small 1 bedroom apartment. In the living room my wife and 4 young boys are asleep. We’ve been traveling non stop for close to 8 weeks and it’s been a blast. The goal is to keep going for a year at least, my personal goal is to go until we’re bored.

Unfortunately the contract I thought was sure was not and new clients have been hard to find. The remote digital communications jobs that were going to be abundant for me are not. The trailer we built isn’t exactly easy to live with and we spend a lot of time learning how to do new life skills so we haven’t spent a lot of time relaxing. Yet, we are happy. We are happy working together, we are happy biking down mountains, we are even happy driving the 4 hours between campsites screaming Imagine Dragons.

Caprock Canyon State Park

We are happy because we are headed towards unknown things. Unknown schedules, or places. Unknown people and personalities. Unknown beauty.

Long Exposure Night Sky

Our perspective on living and what life is has shifted enough that we know we are okay. I’ve had a few people reach out to me and I’m finding it easier to build a network now that I’m on constant wifi. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Bluebonnets in Texas
Watching Prairie Dogs after church.

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