Tiny Desk + Tiny Space = Show of Proportional Size

I have been watching these Tiny Desk concerts for years on NPR. They take these fantastic artists and strip out all the layers, ask them to sit in a small office, and simply play the songs they want to. It results in a truly intimate experience even through the lens of YouTube.

What’s even more amazing is there is an easy way to discover more music and enjoy a Tiny Desk concert every time they post one. Click Here.

It’s a startling thing to hear how well some of these people perform live, and how awful some of them really are live.

Here I discovered one of the greatest musicians ever born. His name is Robert Glasper. They need no software to keep the beat and if you get a chance they do a rad cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit┬áin honor of Nirvana’s induction to the hall of fame I feel it only appropriate

Skip to the end for a visit from our friend Jake Bugg as well.

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