The Queers

I was driving home from work contemplating this weeks post. My iPhone on shuffle and this amazing song came on.

I haven’t listened to them since high school or shortly thereafter but I remember Joe Queer always being a stand up guy. They toured every summer and always stopped in Dallas. This leads me to another point.

Punk in the 90’s

There’s two sides to this but I want to stay on target so lets just focus on a few things. All the music I’ve ever listened to has been pretty straightforward. I won’t say I’ve never been in to Ace of Base. I will say I’m not anymore, although they did sell 9 million records in the U.S. so I’m not the only one that lost some time listening to this garbage. Bands like Weezer and Bright Eyes though have had real staying power and resonated with me.

When I think about why, I think about this. None of those have relied on technology to convey their message or hidden behind synthesized beats. They have admittedly tried it. The major difference here is that those drum samples you’re hearing? they’re real. There are 2 drummers playing simultaneously.

I guess my final point is just this, music has been about the connection it has to people from the beginning. The connection people create between a machine and the man doesn’t last because it isn’t real. The basic fundamental guitar, bass, drum combination will continue to resurface as people realize they want basics. We want raw. We all want authentic real pace picante. That’s what 90’s punk embodies for me. That return to real. We see it again with this folk uprising. Enjoy it before the next wave of whatever Disco has evolved to comes and destroys our lives for a few years.

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