Breaking the barrier of mind-control instruments.

Yeah, you read that. There are a number of growing enthusiasts and circuit benders out there who are experimenting with the idea that an idea can create music.

If you don’t know what this trend in music tech geeks is I’ll tell you. Take your favorite noise making toy as a small child, or if you’re like me, take the most annoying toy out of the kids toy box and take it apart. Wire some knobs and a speaker into it and if it makes a new ungodly noise, congratulations. You’re a circuit bender. (This whole post has inspired a new post about circuit bending. I’ll do some, and tell you how it goes.)

Now, on to bending your mind. Mind-control music, is really a device of measurement on your skull place that measures the waves from your brain space. The more you think, the more intense these waves are and that controls the pitch, velocity, or whatever parameter you’d like are then tied to that wave frequency. Get it? no.. well, just trust me.. it’s super rad.

The lead singer of indie rock band Apples in Stereo produced a small youtube video about this years ago that got me interested.


As you can see, it’s not a perfect science but nonetheless it is a cool premise given where we’re headed with google glass and the like. It could have interesting possibilities for people with disabilities as well.

Just for good measure I think you deserve some Apples in Stereo for reading through such a geek stricken post. I’m not the biggest fan of their music, but he’s a fricken’ genius.

One thought on “Breaking the barrier of mind-control instruments.

  1. This reminds me of the little remote control cars that were tweaked to be able to be controlled based on the intensity of someone’s focus. At the time it could only move back and forth, similar to how the pitch can only be altered between high and low, but it’s definitely a start!

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